Labour Law

With more than 30 years of expertise in labour law, we work with both employers (notably SMEs) and employees, particularly executives.

At the judicial level, Towery is involved in dismissal proceedings, whether the dismissal is for economic reasons, for due cause, or for serious or gross misconduct.

Towery represents clients before most of the Labour Courts (Conseils de Prud’hommes – CPH) in France, and most frequently before those of the Ile de France region: Paris, Créteil, Bobigny, Nanterre, Versailles, Pontoise. We also represent clients before the competent Courts of Appeal, particularly those of the Paris region, namely the Paris Court of Appeal and the Versailles Court of Appeal.

On a more specifically legal level, we encourage attempts at conciliation, settlement, and memorandum of understanding and we also intervene beforehand in order to avoid litigation proceedings by providing various advice, consultations and detailed opinions. We also specialise in negotiating the departure of senior executives.

We have set up a monthly subscription system for the SMEs and companies that have placed their trust in us, which allows them unlimited and almost instantaneous consultation.

We provide answers on all areas of labour law, including:
  • Accidents at work and occupational disease
  • Works council
  • Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee
  • Employment contracts
  • Staff representatives
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Working hours
  • Staff representative elections
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Health and safety
  • Labour Inspectorate
  • Individual dismissal
  • Dismissal for economic reasons
  • Dismissal for personal reasons
  • Pay
  • Retirement
  • Employment contract termination: resignation, negotiated departure
  • Employees with specific terms of appointment
  • Disciplinary sanctions and authority
  • Employment contract suspension
  • Self-employed persons
  • Employees’ private lives, etc.

We attend symposiums, conferences and training sessions.