Literary and artistic property

Towery assists and defends their clients who work in the literary and artistic property sector both in terms of copyright (publishing of literature and music, or software), as for the related rights (the rights of performers, of music and video producers) and for the sector of the performing arts including, in particular:

  • Consultation, drafting of contracts (assignment, publishing contracts, editorial preference pacts, commissioned works contracts, performer contracts, co-production, management, artistic agents’ contracts, synchronisation contracts, employment contracts relative to the people involved in a creation);
  • Support and guidance through conflicts (at the pre-litigation stage and in litigation), accompaniment through alternative conflict settlement methods (mediation, conciliation and collaborative law).

Towery is also involved in the litigation specific to combating copyright infringements :

  • Constitution of proof (observation by bailiff, expert’s report, seizing of infringing goods);
  • Official notice;
  • Criminal complaint, write of summons and compelling to appear;
  • Intervention with the technical intermediaries;
  • Relations with the customs (constitution of requests to withhold, contact of the customs in the event of seizure);
propriété litteraire

Data privacy

Towery assists customers with their problem issues related to the protection and management of data of a private nature, more particularly within the framework of the introduction of the new European regulation, through:

  • Audit of the practices and processing carried out (inventory of personal data processing implemented);
  • Counselling for achieving compliance (designation of a person in charge to perform governance of personal data);
  • Evaluation of the practices and introduction of procedures (notification of the data violations, management of requests from the people concerned, complaints, etc.);
  • identification of risks;
  • Implementation of documentation;
  • Introduction of the compulsory tools (register of processing activities and internal documentation, impact analysis relative to data protection for at risk processing and notification of violations of personal data).

Information Technology

Towery provides special support and guidance to customers for all their questions relative to IT and more particularly in the following domains:

  • Negotiation and signing of IT contracts (software assignment, licence and maintenance), development contracts, contracts for hardware purchasing and maintenance,
  • Handling of pre-litigation and litigation in IT;
  •  monitoring of expertise;
  • Drafting of general terms of use, sale or services, Legal notices for websites.

Unfair competition and plagiarism

Towery assists and represents customers through the questions of tortious liability at the edge of the intellectual property sphere such as unfair competition, plagiarism and disparagement.


Brand law

Our firm is present alongside the customers providing guidance through legal issues concerning brands and other distinguishing signs (domain names, etc.). Our main spheres of intervention are the following:

  • Analysis of the validity of the sign chosen through, inter alia, a prior art search;
  • Registration of French and European brands;
  • Opposition procedure;
  • Pre-litigation and litigation (infringement action, evidentiary research, etc.);
  • Alternative settlement procedures relative to domain names, of the UDRP policy type;
  • Contracts (brand transfer, licence and trademark coexistence agreements).

Media and communication

The law firm of Towery works in the media and communication sector including:

  • Protection of privacy and image rights;
  • Guidance for monetising the recognition of personalities (in particular through brand partnerships);
  • Advertising law (validation of advertising campaigns, order contracts for advertising work, advertising consulting agency contracts, advertising network contracts, rules of games-contests)
  • E-reputation