The firm’s philosophy

We founded Towery in response to the legal issues facing SMEs and mid-cap companies and their managers, founders, backers, administrative directors and financial or legal directors.

As a customer or prospective client of Towery, you need several lawyers whose experience has given them recognised expertise, to lead you through the legal issues, whether cross-disciplinary or not, facing the company, its managers and shareholders.

You need adapted answers to suit your situation in terms of tax, corporate law, intellectual property rights and IT as well as in terms of labour legislation.

You would also like your lawyers to be able to work as an effective team across the different legal spheres in which you need assistance, by crossing their skills around your needs and sharing the knowledge of your profession and of the group, to provide you with added value and optimum legal expertise.

TOWERY has chosen to combine the gravitas of a large legal firm covering several fields of law with the flexibility and responsiveness of a compact, tight-knit team.

TOWERY was built to match your requirements: an integrated firm of expert lawyers, working in tandem and combining the fields of law in which you wish be advised, with transparent and controlled pricing conditions.

The assets our firm places at the service of your company is responsive, competent and capable of veritable pooling of your issues.

Our cross-disciplinary approach

The partners at TOWERY are regularly called upon to conjugate their expertise in files that apply a cross-disciplinary approach, to the greatest satisfaction of the customers, comprising service companies and industrial players, from the digital sector, music, film, insurance, investment funds, hospitality and catering, distribution, telecommunications but also numerous executives and private individuals from France and other countries.

The firm offers everyone great flexibility and excellent legal services whatever their problematic, organised in three highly specialised departments, in Advisory and Litigation (corporate law, tax law and intellectual property and IT), who work together cohesively, offering a multidisciplinary approach to cases.

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Company formation

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to advise you on the form of company to create, the tax scheme to join, as well as the employment and tax status of the manager the best suited to your project.

Real estate optimisation

When you are planning to acquire premises, we will advise you, according to your project and your goals, to favour the operation of the company and increase the value of the assets of the leaders, while minimising potential income tax aspects.


If you are planning to restructure your assets or those of the company, organise the transfer of ownership, recombine certain business lines or improve the management of your group and its internal flows, we can advise you on these structural and contractual changes.

The Entertainment sector

We also provide legal services for undertakings in the field of the arts and entertainment, in particular organisations set up by artists, from creation and choice of legal form, to finding the right firm of chartered accountants, the drafting of agreements and the negotiation of contracts.

Areas of expertise

Towery provides legal support for entrepreneurs, executives and shareholders on all the operations of the life of a company; including corporate law, tax law, intellectual property rights, IT and data privacy.

Corporate Law

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Tax Law

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Intellectual property
Intellectual Property & Information Technology

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Companies in difficulty
in difficulty

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