Company law

Towery works alongside entrepreneurs, leaders and shareholders on all the operations in the life of the company, such as incorporation of their business, the disposal of the company, setting up a “management package”, and through their external growth operations:

  • Company formation;
  • Legal advice to companies (operations on capital and fundraising, approval of the annual accounts, bylaws amendments, etc.);
  • Acquisitions/equity investments: negotiation and drafting of acquisition contracts and guarantee commitments, and support with the entire process (audit, letter of intention, shareholders pact, service contract, etc.);
  • Disposal of total or partial shareholdings;
  • “Management package”: issuing of securities (BSA warrants, BSPCE, preferential shares, free share allocation, etc.), negotiation and drafting of shareholders pact (clauses for the transfer of securities, exit, non-compete, etc.) and promises to purchase and sell shares (of the “good/bad leaver” type), introduction of management companies;
  • Legal and tax structuring: agreement for the provision of services (“management fee” type agreement), asset holding, management company, asset taxation.
Droit affaire
droit des contrats

Contract law

Our firm has developed particular skills in the drafting and negotiation of contracts of all kinds, and in a very wide range of industry sectors:
  • Analysis, drafting and negotiation in terms of contracts (service agreements, complex contracts, enterprise contracts, architect agreements, sales agent agreements, transport contracts, etc.)
  • General terms and conditions (of purchase, sale and use);
  • Commercial leases, lease-management, sub-letting
  • Long-term leases
  • Assignment of goodwill, lease rights, the firm having acquired special skills in the field of hotels and catering

Towery is a firm that helps customers manage their commercial leases from the point of view of either Lessor or Lessee.

Companies in difficulty

Towery assists leaders in solving their financial difficulties, it being stipulated that the sooner the firm is consulted upstream of the difficulties, the better the solution that can be found:
  • Special expertise in terms of preventing the difficulties of the enterprise (reflection with the head of the company around the business indicators, conciliation and negotiation with creditors, ad hoc mandates, …)
  • Arrangement and special support within the framework of the safeguard procedure, legal redress and legal liquidation (assistance in relations with the receivers and court-appointed officers)
  • Support and guidance for potential buyers of a company in receivership

The members of the TOWERY law firm were involved in work on legislation relating precisely to the resolution of the financial/structural difficulties of enterprises.

difficultés des entreprises

Commercial litigation

Towery works regularly in all the litigation options to provide guidance to private or public enterprises, national and international groups and private individual customers.

Towery’s expertise:

  • Settlement of disputes within the framework of conflictual commercial relations
  • The signing, fulfilment and breach of commercial contracts
  • Settlement of litigation subsequent to assignment of goodwill
  • Breakdown of talks
  • Termination of established commercial relationships
  • Contractual and tortious liability
  • Specific professional liability (regulated professions, promoters, manufacturers)
  • Executive liability
  • Disputes between partners
  • Post-acquisition company conflicts

Criminal business law

The legal firm of TOWERY advises and defends corporate entities and private individuals in criminal affairs:

  • Criminal business law: money-laundering, misuse of company assets, breach of trust, acts of corruption, fraud
  • Criminal cases involving the press and the Internet


Labour legislation

The partners in the law firm of TOWERY have acquired extensive experience in defending the rights of an employee or for helping an employer unravel a complex situation:

  • Dismissals (for misconduct, on real and serious grounds, redundancy, etc.)
  • Employment contracts (non-compete clause, mobility clause) and working hours
  • Staff buyouts
  • Counsel to enterprises on the legal aspects of their human resources
  • Moral harassment
  • Accidents at work
Droit penal